The next Ladies Night Out Little Falls Style is Thursday, October 22nd. Our grand prize will be 14 karate white gold with half carate total weight diamond earrings valued at $1,100 pictured to the left.

More details will be released on the upcoming event as the date approaches.
Ladies Night Out Little Falls Style Participating Businesses Include:
--B & N Printing--
--Bon Jos--
--Cabin Fever--
--Celebration Bridal--
--Fanjoy Flooring--
--Fleet Supply--
--Goldsmith Jewelers--
--Gumdrop Tree--
--Healthsource Chiropractic--
--Highland Senior Living--
--Lin Furniture--
--Luxe Salon & Boutique--
--Melgram Jewelers--
--Sears Hometown Store- Little Falls--
--Speer Chiropractic Center--
--Touright Bicycle Shop--
--Vision Cents Optical--
--West Side Liquor--


 Coborns 4-Free Lunch Office Giveaway Every Monday Morning
Listen Monday mornings following the birthday club (around 7:30am) for a chance to win 4-free lunches from Coborns Deli and FM94. It is now being given away via a phone call. Corey will ask for a specific number caller at (320) 632-2306. That lucky person will win. The lunches will be mailed to their place of business. Good luck to all entrants!!!

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