Each week a new photo will be put online and if you can correctly identify where the picture was taken, you can win a prize. (Hint: All pictures are in Morrison County) One winner per week will be drawn during the Friday morning Smile Time Variety Hour from 9:00-10:00am on 94.1 KFML. Fax us your guess at (320) 632-2571 or email us at ads@fallsradio.com. Title the email Where "R" We. Prizes will vary.

  Congratulations to Brenda Rudolph who was our Where R We winner this past week. Brenda knew last weeks photo was taken at an abandoned building next to the Bowlus Community Center. A new Where R We photo is now shown above. Our next winner will be drawn on Friday, March 27th.
If you have local scores you wish to send to Little Falls Radio, Please E-mail results to ads@fallsradio.com

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